Case Study: Teddy Crawford, Right Foot First Initiatives

Teddy came to NV Studios because of hearing about our expertise in both mentoring business and branding. With over 20 years of experience in branding and launching businesses online, he was in good hands. This year alone we helped launch and mentored over 10 startups. Our expertise lies in branding, web design and a clear guide of next steps to grow your business successfully. We have helped startup’s save over $100K in expenses by strategically planning their launch and marketing.


Teddy had multiple sites, social media accounts and blogs through out the internet with no unifying brand. He had just published a book and was looking to start consulting and speaking. His main site was a basic brochure site that concentrated more on his book then showing him as an authority in personal safety and mindset change. There was no clear voice for his new brand.


Teddy was looking to really zero in on his audience and start spreading his word to help women overcome fear and have warrior mindset when facing the world. He wanted to show the value of his background as an officer in the streets of NYC and the techniques used to make snap judgements when facing danger. With his new book just out on the mindset, he was ready to start promoting it and grow his coaching/speaking business.


We decided that before anything Teddy needed to clearly define his voice to speak to his ideal audience. It was necessary to start from scratch and write all his copy for his site. Once this was in place the brand came to life and visuals were created for his brand. With Teddy’s logo we came up with colors that would appeal to his audience and subliminally show the “warrior” mind set. His tag line, “Right foot first initiatives,” was placed within the logo and the two arrows represented both movement to the right and a sign of a warrior. We came up with designs for his site and social media to reflect his brand. Additionally, we made sure all of the copy on the various social media sites, book selling sites and his description of his book where changed to reflect his voice as well.


Teddy ended up with a cohesive brand that reflect his main purpose of coaching mindset change. By identifying the brand in both design and words, Teddy now has an easier time marketing to his audience. His ideal customer now can navigate seamlessly from social media to site and can take action to better their lives. Since the site launch, Teddy has gotten more followers on social media, more book sales and has been booking speaking engagements monthly, coaching in front of his ideal audience.


You captured and presented extremely well, the messaging for my book and the services I offer! I finally feel that I can expand my business and get more speaking gigs.


Teddy Crawford

Right Foot First Initiatives