Discovery & Strategy

Every project starts off with a discovery meeting. Whether it be in your offices or via Zoom we get to know you and your business. We don’t ask the simple questions “what do you need”, rather we dig deep and to the core to find out what you really need to make your business grow. You might think a simple design upgrade is the solution but without a strategy you just created a glossy brochure that reaches no one. At the end of discovery you’ll have a clear picture and guide of your next steps for your online presence.


Your Brand is your identity. What does your brand say about you and your business? We offer full branding solutions for entrepreneurs, new businesses and new products. Whether you need to spruce up your logo, a new one or a complete brand overhaul we are here to help.

Web Design

We design and develop websites that attract, nurture and convert.  Web design is much more than a pretty website. It involves usability, engagement and providing your customers value. Why settle for a brochure that just sits there and looks pretty. We look at your market, content and your core message to design and develop the right web strategy to grow and engage your tribe.

Project Management 

Your budget is not quite there to hire us but you need a solid plan of action and someone to manage the freelancers you hired. Sometimes we tend to build it first and then ask if it was the right approach. Or we become overwhelmed with the scope of the whole thing. At NV studios we work with many companies to manage their projects, stay on budget and meet deadlines. Hire us for our expertise and eliminate the guess work.

Marketing Strategy & SEO

If you’re building a site with us, know that your site is covered with on-page SEO and Social media ready. We incorporate SEO, content strategy and social media to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy for your business. We only recommend social media that is right for your business. We provide a relevant strategy on the best way to reach customers, focusing on social channels that generate real ROI for your business. And we keep you accountable.

On-going Maintenance

Your busy running your company…the last thing you need to worry about is the ins and outs of your website. We have multiple support packages to give you a peace of mind in knowing your website (your biggest marketing asset) is humming along engaging and producing leads to help your business grow. Whether you need help with maintenance, backups, and software updates, or you’re looking for ongoing marketing strategy or simply need an expert ear. we’ve got your back!


NV Studios offers a personalized approach to comprehensive Web design & strategy. We’re with you for the entire journey — from crafting & planning your brand, developing your content, launching your site and beyond. We tell your story with text, photos and video to convey the passion of brand. We create a marketing strategy that is custom tailored to meet all of your needs to bring your brand to the forefront.




We travel to your office or skype for an initial meeting. Our Discovery process generally takes 2-3 meetings where we will look at your brand, current online presence, customer avatar, competitors, and marketing funnel. At the end of it we have a detailed plan of action for your project.


Content Audit:

We take a look at your current content and either task you with providing the content or we have one of our writers produce the content for you. At the same time we will look at the current media photos and videos you have and make recommendations so that your story is told in a clear cohesive way.


Architecture and Design Approval:

We plan your site architecture and send you design mood boards for your review and approval.


Site Construction:

Once we have all the content we are ready to assemble your project. Whether it be a landing page, full website, app or just a refresher we make sure we are testing every step of the way so that when it is in your hands you are testing a final product.


Yay! The Launch:

We give you a tour of your new website and launch it when you’re ready. We teach you how to manage your website or we can maintain and update it for you. We don’t drop off the face of the earth but rather we are ready to have a recap meeting and discuss next steps! We like to keep the momentum going.


Next Steps:

An online presence is ever evolving; you can’t set it and forget it. It’s more than just adding some keywords and you’re done with one time SEO.  Making yourself visible to your audience takes SEO, social marketing and new content. Engage your audience, create a tribe and ultimately convert. Ask us about our on-going maintenance and marketing packages!

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